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Email Me

Posted in Home on October 31, 2007 by lpg123

ok i want someone to email me because i never get any ok

my email is

you can sean me some general info about wars or something, secret info, random funny pics
also can anyone send me some cheats that they have found and if l try them and work i will post them on my site and who created the cheat
-because l want to update my cheats page because its need more cheats

ok bye and remember

-lpg 123



Posted in Home on October 30, 2007 by lpg123

ok with the party i am sorry i didnt make it because where i live daylightsaving started and i forgot the day it started, sunday night
and i came at the wrong time, i am sorry about that, about an hour early
so i will make another party on the weekend

ok cya


LPGS Hallowean party

Posted in Home on October 27, 2007 by lpg123

ok now i am having my party, it is welcome for anyone to come, so please attend

reasons why to attend my party
1) you get to see me
2) be my buddy
3) get you picture taken for my blog
4) be on my buddy list

ok now the details are below

Time: 9 am PST time
Server: Antartic Australia
Date: Saturday October 27, 2007
9 am Saturday October 27, 2007

i hope you can all attend because the more people come, the better the party will be

i will also be on my chat, just look at the pages then click cheats, tips and chat
click the first link, and it will take you there


also i am going to update my cheat page by seeing if the cheats still work, and i will put new cheats there, so just keep visiting the page


in secret agent news just have a look

new-mission.jpg (i wonder what it can be)

also with the new hallowean secrets, that is most visited post, it had over 100 hits in a day, i was so happy

ok thanks and goodbye
also stay safe

-lpg 123

Hallowean trick or treat secrets

Posted in Home on October 26, 2007 by lpg123

ok now the new hallowean trick or treat secrets


this is what you need to do

1) get the basket at the snow fort

2) Go and find the lollies

3) one is at the coffee shop

4) another one is where you look through the binoculares at the cove

5) another one is at the nightclub where you first click the green pufflehallowean-secret-4.jpgthen he asks you a riddle the answer is HAPPY HALLOWEAN the fourth answer and wait for the puffle to jump down to get a toffee apple then click the toffee apple that he brings up. hallowean-secret-5.jpg

6) there is another at the forest

7) there is another at the pizza shop were you click the organ and wait for s skinny little candy to drop out and lands near the bottom right of the screen.

8) there also another at the top of the mountain were you click the scarecrow

9) and yet another at the beacon at the bottom right of the screen

10) the last lollie is at the ski lodge, click on the eye of the mulley(sorry for missing out on this, IM SORRY)

hopefully thats all of them, finding them took me ages, and i might have been the first person to tell you where everything is

oh and the PIN is at the slime pool or swimming pool hallowean-secret-8.jpg

ok thats enough of that, my fingers are hurting


and drumroll please…………

i have having at party for hallowean

more news soon


-lpg 123

Just Some News!!!!

Posted in Home on October 25, 2007 by lpg123

ok today here is some news
first of all its thursday and the 2 year anniversary hat is there (it was supposed to be there for one day)
and new newspapers out
it has preatty basic info about the party

and i am now stopping the contributor raffle because no one wants to enter
so there is no more of that

also i am going to create some new pages but im not sure what

ok bye

-lpg 123

2-Year Anniversary

Posted in Home on October 24, 2007 by lpg123

Ok and welcome
well clubpenguin made the 2 year anniversary party
the free item the birthday hat is at the book room


also there is a really big cake


also there is a book at the book room which is full of old partys
it has all the info about clubpenguin over the last year, it has breif info about the partys, rockhopper, new items and other info


After reading the new book i want this to happen again A NEW COLOUR, because its lots of fun when you get to see a new colour and also there is a cape that is released, which l really want to get



-lpg 123


Posted in Home on October 23, 2007 by lpg123

ok now i have spent a bit of time updating my blog
i have deleted pages that are never visited and combined pages
i have a better theme or style of my blog because the other was very boring and dull
i will continue to improve my blog with many improvements

please visit the pages because they have been changed a little


also there is hardly any new things going on, but remember to visit the 2 year anniversary party which is hear for only a day so please remember to visit it
-my prediction for the free item is a party hat will be the colour orange and purple
it will be a different colour because each year it is a diiferent colour.


also with my little election i have the cantiate


i am still accepting moe just read older posts to see how to get in


-lpg 123