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hey people

Posted in Home on March 31, 2008 by bravehawk814

hiya people its me BH i think i might make another u tube film idk if u guies have anny idea shoot me an email with your name! and in the credits ill put your name! o shoot me an e-mail at ok cya   -Bravehawk814


Want help with youtube videos

Posted in Home with tags , , on March 31, 2008 by lpg123

 so, you need help with making club penguin videos, but don’t have good effects like what everyone one else uses, well lm here to tell you their secrets. read on

ok here is a good site to help you with making youtube videos

you can make awesome videos with cool effects, with bombs and awesome transitions.

you can also make



-montage (thats the video editor) 

so, you can edit and add effects to your video, its really cool. there is also a paid account 😦 which has limits for the free acount.

ok try it out tell me what you think of it

remember the club penguin improvement project will be finished soon, ends the 3rd of April. 

lpg 123 

New Author!

Posted in Home with tags on March 29, 2008 by |ŊŏĮĻ-MåŇ|


Waz up?

Im Noil Man, the new author in this site, you can call me Noil, my account Noil Man is banned forever cuz someone hacked me, im using Ttboy99 or FBI Agent 07, im 750 days old in Club Penguin (no lie) and i make Youtube Videos of Club Penguin, and Stickmen Animations, my favourite servers are Mammoth, Frozen, Yeti, Tuxedo and Alaska, you will ussualy find me there, every day and every night.Thats enough information. :DWell penguins i hope u like this site!

See you later everyone!Waddle on and walk on the cool side!– Noil Man – Ttboy99 – FBI Agent 07!

 Check this out, LOL:


lpg’s edit:  hia everyone

well l added noil man early because l was talking to him on chat, so congratulations  and lets hope he goes well :mrgreen: 

in other news l have thought of opening up a picture editing shop here are a few examples.



well its the same pic just edited different.

ok cyas

 lpg 123 

Hi guys!

Posted in Home on March 29, 2008 by Justin

Hi guys its JG,

Well I made a new site called Survivior: Club penguin

Just sign up here

Only 16 penguins can join

See ya,


Club Penguin Improvement project surprise party + you are a green puffle.

Posted in Home with tags on March 28, 2008 by lpg123

well, here is the time for it

Where: ONLY on Server Test
When: Friday 10 am – 4 pm Penguin Standard Time (PST)
Who: You and all your friends are invited!
What: Show up to find out

so. plz come here is some awesome pics of it because you are all turned into puffles. <GREEN PUFFLES> hhh.jpghhh3.jpg hhhh4.jpgok, you are turned into an awesome puffle. so please come. -lpg 123   

club penguin april fools item locations + pin

Posted in Home with tags on March 28, 2008 by lpg123

ok, here is all of the club penguin april fools itemlocations

the swirly glasses are at the cove.


the red propelar hat is at the ski village (this is an old item)


ane the pin is at mine, just make sure you in a non crowded server when you get this beacause people stand in the for the awesome dot-to-dot thing. lt can get annoying, with other people there.


ok thats it, ill make the animation of the rooms soon.


-lpg 123 

New Newspaper april fools edition + penguin of the month

Posted in Home with tags , , , , , , on March 27, 2008 by lpg123

ok, here is the newspaper without logging on

also it is all decorated with crazy april fools decoations, and scribbling everywhere like last years.

so here is a couple of the main features

main page


the events page-a must for all organised penguins!!


and all club penguin will say about tipping the iceberg


also the new penguin of the month


ill tell you what is odd, it automatically changes to the penguin that log’s on. and is the only words on that page that you can highlight. odd!!

and if you click the swf link look what happens paper7.jpg 

there is nothing. 

here is a few other pictures of the newspaper



 ok thats it for today and the winner will be announced on monday or wednesday-keep viewing to find out, and remember you can still enter.


ok thats it for today -remember april fools party friday, ill have all the information you need.

-lpg 123