LPGS Hallowean party

ok now i am having my party, it is welcome for anyone to come, so please attend

reasons why to attend my party
1) you get to see me
2) be my buddy
3) get you picture taken for my blog
4) be on my buddy list

ok now the details are below

Time: 9 am PST time
Server: Antartic Australia
Date: Saturday October 27, 2007
9 am Saturday October 27, 2007

i hope you can all attend because the more people come, the better the party will be

i will also be on my chat, just look at the pages then click cheats, tips and chat
click the first link, and it will take you there


also i am going to update my cheat page by seeing if the cheats still work, and i will put new cheats there, so just keep visiting the page


in secret agent news just have a look

new-mission.jpg (i wonder what it can be)

also with the new hallowean secrets, that is most visited post, it had over 100 hits in a day, i was so happy

ok thanks and goodbye
also stay safe

-lpg 123


One Response to “LPGS Hallowean party”

  1. Could you come to my party at 4:30 pm (PST) At the server Tuxedo at the Dock!

    lpg 123 i will make a attent it, just what day

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