About ME

This is the “About Me” page, so I will put as simple as I can.

  • Name: Thomas (Not telling surname, c’mon I need some privacy here)       
  • Rough information: Not the most loudest person you will ever hear, would rather sit in a corner then look at gardens. Has absolutely no idea about fashion. Has a part time job. I weight about 60 kilos, height unsure, plays sport and owns a laptop computer. Wants to go to universisity some day (just unsure of what to study) I’m not some happy-go-lucky person, I keep my thoughts to myself (I hate it when people call out how they can’t some maths problem and yell out “Sir, this is too hard” seriously STFU) I’m smart, several of my mates have called my “God” from time-to-time.
  • Likes: Porsche cars, girls, money,  playing guitar, good music.                                                                                                        
  •  Dislikes: Attention seekers, wanker, people that smell (seriously have a shower, it only takes a few minutes) Homosexuals and boy hairdressers.

Ok more to be added soon!

– Thomas


One Response to “About ME”

  1. Some one you know tom Says:

    you are a gay man

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