New Author & Bye

ok, well you might be wondering why l am posting. ok l have somethings to tell you.

first of all. l have quit posting on cp not my favorite club penguin army RPF, l am still a regular on their chat, so if you wanna talk to me l might be on their on weekends. some of the reason l have quit is that l have no joy playing club penguin anymore, l have assignments being handed to me everyday (l just finished a 900 words essay) and that l have no time to be able to post. 

l made a final club penguin video, but for some reason is it as blurry as. so l don’t want anyone to see it.

what l have been doing lately:

l have started a new youtube channel and its going well, well the first thing is that their is nothing to do with club penguin. and if you want to visit it

well here is the link:

its basically full of comedy videos and music videos, it has some preatty funny videos.

also new authors-

l have also hired a new author that can have my site and it is Skipperjay, she is a really good friend of mine and hopefully will be taking full control of this blog.

also with current authors: well, how come you arn’t posting? oh, well lm not that mean, you can still be on this site. just post everyone so often.

and: the only way l would only post or to get me back, is for me to be added on the RPF site, but l might not be 😦

ok that is all from me.

Have a nice Day!!

-lpg 123 *RPF WARLORD*



11 Responses to “New Author & Bye”

  1. Well , you where a best friend from the beggining…
    You trained me in RA …
    What can I say?

  2. thanks miroos.

    cya dude!!

  3. i quit and im not gving any betas to any one.
    for prove go to:
    good bye for the last

  4. ok cyas mate


  5. hi! plz visit www, okay and awesome sit man woot!

  6. any updates in the near future?

  7. LPG,how could you not remember me?I saw you on CP yesterday and u said u dont even remember the RA(Rockhoppers Army),what happened – did u get amnesia?And you even took me off your buddy list – what a friend you are.

  8. Excuse me, what can you tell me about the MCP?

  9. I quit Cp. I’m sorry, Cp won’t work anymore because I downloaded this stuff to make youtube work and it still wouldn’t work! So I deleted it from my computer and it made Cp and many other things not work. I will still go on my wordpress so just comment there and I should respond some time.


  10. Nice Site! 😉
    Great Post! 😛

    Comment back! 😀


  11. Hey!
    I just found over 200 swfs that work!
    plz visit my site to see them 🙂


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