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23:41] ChEwYpUp101: [23:41] ChEwYpUp101: did u change darks pass righ tnow?
[23:41] ChEwYpUp101: right now
[23:41] Nybballa93: yea i changed it before
[23:41] ChEwYpUp101: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAG

Obviously, that’s an edit.If you did’nt believe me a while back, you MUST believe me now.If you still did’nt believe me, there’s more:

23:42] ChEwYpUp101: tomorrow im off school
[23:42] mohd222cp: why
[23:42] ChEwYpUp101: so im gonna start the cptv pages
[23:42] mohd222cp: skipping? lol
[23:42] ChEwYpUp101: ITS MEMORIAL DAY
[23:42] ChEwYpUp101: IF U LIVED IN THE US
[23:42] ChEwYpUp101: U WOULD KNOW!
[23:42] mohd222cp: the other site?
[23:42] mohd222cp: whateverrrr
[23:42] mohd222cp: lol
[23:42] ChEwYpUp101: but u live in some poor country
[23:43] mohd222cp: who said poor country?
[23:43] mohd222cp: then we wouldnt move

[23:53] ChEwYpUp101: now what do u have to say
[23:54] mohd222cp: whatever
[23:54] ChEwYpUp101: ok
[23:54] ChEwYpUp101: i see why everyone hates u
[23:54] ChEwYpUp101: I clearly see
23:54] mohd222cp: atleast im nice and i have friends

[23:56] ChEwYpUp101: im blocking u
[23:56] ChEwYpUp101: I DO NOT
[23:56] mohd222cp: …
[23:56] mohd222cp: lol
[23:56] ChEwYpUp101: im blocking u
[23:58] ChEwYpUp101: so
[23:59] ChEwYpUp101: R U SORRY YET
[23:59] mohd222cp: |
[23:59] ChEwYpUp101: guess not
[23:59] ChEwYpUp101: block again
[23:59] mohd222cp: lol
[00:00] mohd222cp: u be sorry too
[00:00] mohd222cp: for being mean
[00:00] ChEwYpUp101: no
[00:00] mohd222cp: yeah

[00:07] ChEwYpUp101: i took ur youtube account
[00:07] mohd222cp: WTF
[00:07] ChEwYpUp101: D
[00:07] ChEwYpUp101: for swearing at me!
[00:08] ChEwYpUp101: lol
[00:08] ChEwYpUp101: not urs now
[00:08] ChEwYpUp101: it mine
[00:08] mohd222cp: 😥
[00:08] mohd222cp: I QUIT
[00:08] ChEwYpUp101: k
[00:14] ChEwYpUp101: PIECE OF SHIT
[00:14] mohd222cp: give me back my utube
[00:14] mohd222cp: and penguin
[00:14] mohd222cp: and ill give u the site back
[00:14] ChEwYpUp101: Mohd sucks, NEVER VISIT HIS SITE, never visit mohds blog he is a cock fucker. He removed me mohd fucks cocks! HE USCKS!

Did u hear that? Theres more:

[00:16] ChEwYpUp101: if u add me back to my site
[00:16] mohd222cp: no
[00:16] mohd222cp: ur gonna remove me
[00:16] ChEwYpUp101: ill give u dark and ur tube back
[00:17] ChEwYpUp101: (
[00:17] mohd222cp: i quit
[00:17] mohd222cp: ill forget online
[00:17] ChEwYpUp101: ill give u it back!
[00:17] mohd222cp: u can have my site
[00:17] mohd222cp: and utube
[00:17] mohd222cp: just curious
[00:17] ChEwYpUp101: i did steal dark
[00:17] mohd222cp: take it
[00:17] ChEwYpUp101: (
[00:17] ChEwYpUp101: BUT U CAN HACK IT BACK
[00:17] mohd222cp: i dont know why u do this
[00:17] ChEwYpUp101: and u tube
[00:17] mohd222cp: i dont like hacking
[00:17] ChEwYpUp101: I MEANT HAVE
[00:17] ChEwYpUp101: add me back (
[00:17] mohd222cp: i will after u give me my stuff back

See???? Chewy after a while admits to change Dark Angel’s pass!!!

[00:18] ChEwYpUp101: add me to the site now!
[00:18] mohd222cp: what ur doing
[00:18] ChEwYpUp101: or ill post and mark will add me back
[00:18] ChEwYpUp101: and SUSPEND U FOR LIFE!
[00:18] mohd222cp: go ahead
[00:18] mohd222cp: idc
[00:18] mohd222cp: i quit
[00:18] ChEwYpUp101: then add me back
[00:19] ChEwYpUp101: i will give u ur stuff back
[00:19] mohd222cp: ~_~
[00:19] mohd222cp: i have exams
[00:19] ChEwYpUp101: plz put me back on the site (
[00:19] mohd222cp: if i fail it will be ur fault
[00:19] mohd222cp: and u took my utube
[00:19] ChEwYpUp101: on the site!
[00:19] mohd222cp: ur being so mean
[00:19] ChEwYpUp101: im giving it back
[00:19] mohd222cp: i gave half of my site to u
[00:19] ChEwYpUp101: if u add me back (
[00:19] mohd222cp: i will
[00:19] mohd222cp: but give me my utube
[00:19] ChEwYpUp101: I GAVE DARK BACK
[00:19] ChEwYpUp101: i shouldnt of taken it
[00:19] mohd222cp: i dont need him now
[00:19] ChEwYpUp101: WELL im not giving u the tube
[00:19] mohd222cp: why did u take him
[00:19] ChEwYpUp101: until u add me
[00:19] mohd222cp: we share it
[00:19] mohd222cp: no
[00:20] ChEwYpUp101: i dont trust u :/
[00:21] ChEwYpUp101: if u dont add me back
[00:23] ChEwYpUp101: DUDE
[00:23] ChEwYpUp101: add me back NOW!
[00:24] ChEwYpUp101: or else
[00:24] mohd222cp: i quit
[00:24] ChEwYpUp101: ok
[00:24] ChEwYpUp101: but add me back (
[00:24] mohd222cp: u dont feel bad
[00:24] mohd222cp: all u want is using me
[00:24] mohd222cp: give me back my utube
[00:24] ChEwYpUp101: IM NOT USING U
[00:24] ChEwYpUp101: UR USING ME
[00:24] mohd222cp: and ill add u back
[00:24] mohd222cp: idc
[00:24] mohd222cp: u took my utube away
[00:24] ChEwYpUp101: Mohd sucks, NEVER VISIT HIS SITE, never visit mohds blog he is a cock fucker. He removed me mohd fucks cocks! HE USCKS!
[00:24] mohd222cp: its my second one
[00:24] ChEwYpUp101: Mohd sucks, NEVER VISIT HIS SITE, never visit mohds blog he is a cock fucker. He removed me mohd fucks cocks! HE USCKS!
[00:24] mohd222cp: idc
[00:24] mohd222cp: go ahead
[00:25] ChEwYpUp101: give me the site
[00:25] mohd222cp: NO

[00:26] ChEwYpUp101: i did quit once
[00:26] ChEwYpUp101: but i came back
[00:26] ChEwYpUp101: now give me my site back (
[00:26] mohd222cp: i will leave the site
[00:26] mohd222cp: like this
[00:27] ChEwYpUp101: omgno
[00:27] mohd222cp: im tired of this
[00:27] mohd222cp: im just trying to help u
[00:27] mohd222cp: ur just trying to destroy me
[00:27] mohd222cp: no one was working with u like me
[00:27] mohd222cp: and look what u do now
[00:27] ChEwYpUp101: i can work with adam
[00:27] ChEwYpUp101: I SHOULD OF LEFT U
[00:27] mohd222cp: idc
[00:27] mohd222cp: use him too
[00:27] mohd222cp: -)
[00:27] ChEwYpUp101: now give me my site back
[00:27] mohd222cp: no
[00:28] ChEwYpUp101: (
[00:28] mohd222cp: u took my utube away
[00:28] mohd222cp: penguin
[00:28] mohd222cp: alot of times u kicked me out
[00:28] ChEwYpUp101: U HAVE DARK
[00:28] ChEwYpUp101: and toronto took it
[00:28] mohd222cp: I DONT WANT HIM
[00:29] ChEwYpUp101: !
[00:30] ChEwYpUp101: : (

Then mohd adds back chewy…

[00:32] ChEwYpUp101: u scared i hacked u
[00:32] ChEwYpUp101: ?
[00:32] mohd222cp: OH AND NOW U REMOVED ME
[00:32] mohd222cp: U KNOW WHAT
[00:32] mohd222cp: I QUIT
[00:33] mohd222cp: IL BREAK MY COMPUTER NOW
[00:34] ChEwYpUp101:

And mo gets mad (I think he’s right)

00:38] mohd222cp: ALL U DID IS STEAL
[00:38] mohd222cp: LIKE HELL
[00:38] mohd222cp: TILL U QUIT UR ASS
[00:39] ChEwYpUp101: k
[00:39] ChEwYpUp101: i kno that more ppl like me then u
[00:39] mohd222cp: idc
[00:40] mohd222cp: yeah u know some gays like you
[00:41] mohd222cp: yeah fuck ur slef
[00:41] mohd222cp: im getting it bck
[00:41] mohd222cp: i have the email that shows i made the blog
[00:41] mohd222cp: not fucking hack it
[00:41] ChEwYpUp101: to late
[00:41] ChEwYpUp101: i deleted it
[00:41] ChEwYpUp101: the blog
[00:41] ChEwYpUp101: bye bye
[00:41] ChEwYpUp101: im working with adam
[00:41] mohd222cp: i dont care
[00:42] ChEwYpUp101: well bye man
[00:42] ChEwYpUp101: u have nothing
[00:42] mohd222cp: asshole
[00:46] mohd222cp: |
[00:46] mohd222cp: Im gonna call and report u to club penguin
[00:46] mohd222cp: so they ban helen
[00:48] ChEwYpUp101: helen isnt mine
[00:48] ChEwYpUp101: ;)
[00:48] mohd222cp: so what idc
[00:48] mohd222cp: ur gonna loose it
[00:49] mohd222cp: u have no life
[00:51] mohd222cp: no one likes u
[00:52] mohd222cp: ur just an asshole
[00:52] mohd222cp: with ur gay tv
[00:52] mohd222cp: copied heatblast
[00:52] ChEwYpUp101: nah
[00:52] mohd222cp: fuck u

Chewy shows off:

[00:59] ChEwYpUp101: im deleting most comments
[00:59] ChEwYpUp101: alot of ppl r jappy for me
[00:59] ChEwYpUp101: jc4xe
[00:59] ChEwYpUp101: zune
[00:59] mohd222cp: CAUSE UR SCARED
[00:59] ChEwYpUp101: alot!
[00:59] mohd222cp: HAHA

[01:00] mohd222cp: GROW UP
[01:34] mohd222cp: -(
[01:34] mohd222cp: i never believed u would do this
[01:34] mohd222cp: u made me quit mc
[01:34] mohd222cp: u made me fucking give u a site
[01:34] mohd222cp: u made me get u helen
[01:34] mohd222cp: if u werent working u wont even no toronto
[01:34] mohd222cp: and dude
[01:34] mohd222cp: ur justing using me
[01:35] mohd222cp: so stop being a jerk
[01:35] ChEwYpUp101: no
[01:35] mohd222cp: |
[01:35] ChEwYpUp101: ur all mean
[01:35] mohd222cp: YES
[01:35] ChEwYpUp101: swearing at me
[01:35] ChEwYpUp101: im tired of it
[01:35] mohd222cp: I MEAN LEFT SCHOOL
[01:35] mohd222cp: ALL IM DOING IS HELPING U
[01:35] mohd222cp: BUT UR NOT
[01:35] mohd222cp: I THOUGHT U STOLE DARK
[01:35] mohd222cp: NOW UR USING ME
[01:35] mohd222cp: I HELPED UR UTUBE
[01:35] mohd222cp: AND IM STILL DOING
[01:35] mohd222cp: I DID EVERYTHING U WANT
[01:35] mohd222cp: IF U WERE ME OMG
[01:35] ChEwYpUp101: go on swear at me
[01:35] ChEwYpUp101: ive seen enough
[01:35] mohd222cp: I WONT
[01:36] mohd222cp: swearing is for ppl that know everything
[01:36] mohd222cp: dude im sorry
[01:36] mohd222cp: just give me back my stuff
[01:36] mohd222cp: im tired of u

01:36] mohd222cp: -(
[01:36] mohd222cp: just hurt me
[01:37] mohd222cp: u have no feelings
[01:37] mohd222cp: if i did this to u
[01:39] mohd222cp: sorry
[01:39] mohd222cp: just add me to the site
[01:39] mohd222cp: and to the utube
[01:39] mohd222cp: please
[01:39] mohd222cp: i didnt mean it
[01:39] mohd222cp: u were more mean
[01:39] mohd222cp: u dont know that u guys made me emo
[01:39] mohd222cp: my grades dropped
[01:39] ChEwYpUp101:
[01:39] mohd222cp: ive been sick for 4 months
[01:39] mohd222cp: idc
[01:39] mohd222cp: and now u attack me
[01:39] ChEwYpUp101: i have more sites u kno
[01:39] ChEwYpUp101: u dont kno whos site i work on
[01:39] mohd222cp: i work on that too
[01:39] mohd222cp: so
[01:40] mohd222cp: i know him before u play cp
[01:40] mohd222cp: skullhax
[01:40] mohd222cp: he quit
[01:40] ChEwYpUp101: u dont work on his site
[01:40] mohd222cp: u just use ppl
[01:40] mohd222cp: u cant do stuff ur self
[01:40] mohd222cp: only by hacking or faking
[01:40] mohd222cp: u were never a true legend
[01:40] mohd222cp: like some ppl will always be
[01:40] mohd222cp: just go destroy ppl
[01:45] mohd222cp: stop
[01:45] mohd222cp: -(
[01:48] mohd222cp: chewy -(
[01:48] mohd222cp: 😥

01:48] ChEwYpUp101: everyones on my side
[01:48] mohd222cp: no
[01:48] mohd222cp: idc
[01:48] mohd222cp: u became good cause of me
[01:48] mohd222cp: i cant believe ur attacking me
[01:48] mohd222cp: after all i did for u
[01:48] mohd222cp: please stop it
[01:48] mohd222cp: add me back
[01:48] ChEwYpUp101: u can only attack supposd
[01:48] mohd222cp: and give me my utube back
[01:48] mohd222cp: im sorry
[01:48] ChEwYpUp101: u cant attack me
[01:48] mohd222cp: yeah
[01:48] mohd222cp: sorry
[01:48] ChEwYpUp101: im not accepting it
[01:49] mohd222cp: IDC
[01:49] mohd222cp: just sorry
[01:49] mohd222cp: add me back
[01:49] ChEwYpUp101: no
[01:49] ChEwYpUp101:
[01:49] mohd222cp: NO
[01:49] mohd222cp: NO
[01:49] mohd222cp: NO
[01:49] mohd222cp: NO
[01:49] mohd222cp: NO
[01:49] mohd222cp: NO
[01:49] mohd222cp: NO
[01:49] mohd222cp: ITS MY SITE
[01:49] mohd222cp: STOP IT
[01:49] ChEwYpUp101: have to go
[01:50] mohd222cp: ADD ME BACK PLEASE
[01:50] mohd222cp: IM SORRY
[01:50] mohd222cp: AND MY UTUBE
[01:50] ChEwYpUp101: appolige unaccepted
[01:50] mohd222cp: IDC
[01:50] mohd222cp: STOP BEING MEAN
[01:55] ChEwYpUp101: well bye old friend
[01:56] mohd222cp: bye mean guy
[01:56] mohd222cp: if u were me
[01:56] mohd222cp: u would be emo now
[01:56] mohd222cp: i hate you
[01:56] mohd222cp: -(
[01:56] ChEwYpUp101: xD
[01:56] mohd222cp: dont talk to me
[01:56] mohd222cp: seriously
[01:56] ChEwYpUp101: i want the site alone
[01:56] mohd222cp: u have no feelings
[01:56] mohd222cp: IDC
[01:56] mohd222cp: GO SIGN UP
[01:56] mohd222cp: LIKE U TOLD ME

[01:56] mohd222cp: ITS MOHD222.WORDPRESS.COM
[01:56] mohd222cp: SO SHUT UP
[01:56] mohd222cp: i HAVE THE PROOF THAT I MADE IT
[01:57] mohd222cp: SO ADD ME BACK
[01:57] mohd222cp: BEFORE I WORK ALONE
[01:57] ChEwYpUp101: and I own the domains
[01:57] mohd222cp: idc
[01:57] ChEwYpUp101: besides
[01:57] mohd222cp: i dont want them
[01:57] ChEwYpUp101: if u get it back
[01:57] mohd222cp: i got u them
[01:57] mohd222cp: most
[01:57] ChEwYpUp101: it will be shit
[01:57] mohd222cp: idc
[01:57] mohd222cp: idc
[01:57] mohd222cp: dic
[01:57] ChEwYpUp101: LOL AND U WONT
[01:57] mohd222cp: lol
[01:57] mohd222cp: idc
[01:57] mohd222cp: idc
[01:57] mohd222cp: idc
[01:57] mohd222cp: idc
[01:57] mohd222cp: I MADE THE SITE
[01:57] mohd222cp: ITS MINE
[01:57] mohd222cp: SHUT UP U JUST WORK ON IT
[01:57] mohd222cp: GET A LIFE AND MAKE UR OWN
[01:57] mohd222cp: UR LUCKY THAT U WORK ON IT
[01:58] mohd222cp: AND UR FAMOUS NOW
[01:58] mohd222cp: WITHOUT ME U WOULD BE ON YAYP
[01:58] mohd222cp: UR GAY SITE
[01:58] mohd222cp: WITH NO COMMENTS
[01:58] mohd222cp: CRYING FOR ME
[01:58] mohd222cp: AND DOING UR FAKE HITS
[02:03] mohd222cp: =||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Mohd might be mean but after everything Chewy did to him, he’s right!

[02:04] mohd222cp: FUCKING USING ME
[02:04] mohd222cp: I HATE YOU
[02:04] mohd222cp: I HATE YOU MAN
[02:04] mohd222cp: UR THE WORST PERSON EVER
[02:04] mohd222cp: HACKER
[02:04] ChEwYpUp101: not using u
[02:04] ChEwYpUp101: u used me
[02:04] mohd222cp: HACKING IS UR LIFE
[02:04] mohd222cp: NO

[02:04] mohd222cp: UR GAY
[02:04] mohd222cp: ALL U DO IS USE ME
[02:04] mohd222cp: UR NOTHING WITHOUT ME
[02:04] mohd222cp: UR MEAN TO PPL
[02:04] mohd222cp: ALL U DO IS FAKE
[02:04] mohd222cp: AND CHEAT
[02:04] mohd222cp: TO DO REAL STUFF
[02:04] mohd222cp: UR GOING TO HELL MAN
[02:04] ChEwYpUp101: supposed is chearing me on
[02:04] ChEwYpUp101: so is gator
[02:04] ChEwYpUp101: adam
[02:04] ChEwYpUp101: and ALL!
[02:04] mohd222cp: IDC
[02:04] ChEwYpUp101: good bye old pal

02:06] mohd222cp: WHY DID U REMOVE MY VIDS
[02:06] mohd222cp: U BITCH ASSHOLE FAG
[02:06] mohd222cp: OMG I HATE U
[02:06] mohd222cp: OMG
[02:06] mohd222cp: OMG
[02:06] mohd222cp: OMG
[02:06] mohd222cp: OM
[02:06] mohd222cp: G
[02:06] mohd222cp: OMG
[02:06] mohd222cp: didjf
[02:06] mohd222cp: df
[02:06] mohd222cp: f
[02:06] mohd222cp: HUFJH’OFKJ
[02:06] mohd222cp: JFHWEFHW’DOFJDF
[02:06] mohd222cp: WEFEWOFHEWOFH
[02:06] mohd222cp: EWFWEOFH
[02:06] mohd222cp: D
[02:06] mohd222cp: D
[02:06] mohd222cp: F
[02:06] mohd222cp: EW
[02:07] mohd222cp: FEWFEWFEWFEWFWEF doiu f[oiDdDSI HATE U MAN
[02:07] mohd222cp: OMG
[02:07] mohd222cp: OMG
[02:07] mohd222cp: OMG
[02:07] mohd222cp: U REMOVED ALL MY VIDS

02:09] ChEwYpUp101: ur suspended from youtube for life
[02:09] mohd222cp: dude shut me
[02:09] ChEwYpUp101: cuz of ur vid
[02:09] mohd222cp: shut up*
[02:09] mohd222cp: my vids own ur ass
[02:10] mohd222cp: u dont know how to make them
[02:10] mohd222cp: this is the chance of ur life
[02:10] mohd222cp: enjoy
[02:10] mohd222cp: do whatever u want
[02:10] mohd222cp: then when u die
[02:10] mohd222cp: and god tests u later
[02:10] mohd222cp: go tell him what u did
[02:10] mohd222cp: hack ppl
[02:10] mohd222cp: and not pray
[02:10] mohd222cp: and go fucking do ur gay kids drama
[02:10] mohd222cp: that will help u go to heaven
[02:10] mohd222cp: i quit
[02:10] mohd222cp: just go fake stuff and cheat

[02:11] mohd222cp: idc about my utube
[02:11] mohd222cp: because
[02:11] mohd222cp: if u dont give it back
[02:11] mohd222cp: U WONT SEE UR SELF ANYMORE
[02:11] mohd222cp: BITCH
[02:11] ChEwYpUp101: im giving it to cprox
[02:11] ChEwYpUp101: ;)
[02:11] mohd222cp: so what
[02:12] mohd222cp: go ahead
[02:13] ChEwYpUp101: nah
[02:13] ChEwYpUp101: ill give it to watex
[02:13] ChEwYpUp101: he needs more subs
[02:14] ChEwYpUp101: well later
[02:14] mohd222cp: dude stop
[02:14] mohd222cp: -(
[02:14] ChEwYpUp101: u think u get added back
[02:14] mohd222cp: please add me back and give me my utube
[02:14] ChEwYpUp101: well no
[02:15] mohd222cp: ITS MY SITE
[02:15] ChEwYpUp101: ur quitting
[02:15] mohd222cp: UR LUCKY U WORK ON IT
[02:15] ChEwYpUp101: and thats the end of it
[02:15] mohd222cp: FUCK OFF
[02:15] mohd222cp: -(
[02:17] ChEwYpUp101: bye
[02:17] mohd222cp: ADD ME BACK
[02:17] mohd222cp: NO
[02:17] mohd222cp: NO
[02:17] mohd222cp: NO
[02:17] mohd222cp: ADD ME BACK
[02:17] mohd222cp: AND GIVE ME MY UTUBE
[02:17] mohd222cp: AND VIDS BACK
[02:17] mohd222cp: LIKE U DESTROYED IT
[02:17] mohd222cp: UR SO MEAN
[02:17] mohd222cp: I CANT BELIEVE U DID THIS
[02:17] mohd222cp: AND TORONTOS AIM
[02:17] mohd222cp: NO COMMENTS
[02:17] mohd222cp: IM SICK OF YOU
[02:19] mohd222cp: u deleted everything i had

I’ve got all of that stupid things Chewy said to Mohd and some other things from Enricom’s site.

Think about it, how would you feel if someone deletes all your vids, takes you off YOUR OWN site and then posts saying that he is a nice little cute boy that never did anything bad in his life.Don’t believe what that stupid Chewy.Mohd owns that site!He would not be even famous right now if Mohd did’nt make him his partner.Stupid Chewy tryin’ to use Mohd.I’ll tell you all of his plan if you like.First, he’s trying to make peopple think that he became partners with Mohd, then he tries to become famous like Mohd, after that he tries to run half of the site, then steal WHOLE site…………………………then……………………..almost Mohd’s………………………………………………………………………………………………..WHOLE LIFE!


Rockhopper’s key!

Posted in Home on May 27, 2008 by Justin

Me and Bravehawk814 will still post for the site! 🙂

Hello guys,

The key is founded in the rockhopper Journal located in book room.

You could use the key for a pin.

Next there is a crows nest room.

and lastly go in rockhopper’s headquarters. There is a 2 player game!

Planet cazmo news: The new music is added!

See ya,

Hey guies i was away

Posted in Home on May 27, 2008 by bravehawk814

hey guies its BH lpg thanks for the author job youve been a big inspration to me i would love to continue this site but here is some stuff


Hello Penguins!


He’s finally back! The Captain has returned from his long voyage at sea and he’s going to be around Club Penguin for the next 10 days! He made a big announcement in the Club Penguin Times yesterday–be sure to check it out. It has to do with a new room!!!


There sure is a lot going on right now, and not all of it has to do with Rockhopper. The sports catalog was updated today! Let us know what you think about it!


In other news: Thank you all for your excitement around the penguin party at the London Zoo on May 3rd. There has been such great feedback that the event is now FULL!  Unfortunately we can not fit anyone else into the event.  Sorry to those of you who can’t attend, but we hope to do something like this again in the future.

bya lpg -Bravehawk814 😦

New Clothes/New Pin/New Puffle Furniture

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Whats up?

There are new clothes and new puffle furniture and a new pin!

The Wizard Hat, its in the Lighthouse

The new pin is at the boiler room

How to get it?

  • Touch the gold above the iron
  • The gold will spil
  • The gold will turn into the pin
  • Walk to it

These are the New Puffle Furniture


Walk on the cool side

Noil Man

hey guies i am still here

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hey guies i havent been on lately because my comp isnt workin so i am still here!



Medieval Party/New Room/New Glitch

Posted in Home on May 16, 2008 by |ŊŏĮĻ-MåŇ|

Hey guys! Its Noil Man/Noil Manz


The medieval party has arrived at club penguin! There is one free item and a lot of cheats. There is even a new room!

Visit the dock to take a free Squire Tunic.


The lodge attic is just AWESOME. Here’s a picture of the lodge attic.


There is a new glitch, go to the beacon to preform it.
  1. Walk to the right of the giant fire place.
  2. Click the door to exit.
  3. You will walk right across the fire.

You can also enter a new room by climbing the tree’s in the forest, heres a picture.


Thats all!


– Noil Man


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