i have found out why we can not have more buddys, because cp servers cant support more servers
or read this, it has also some other info


Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, the reason that penguins cannot have
more than 100 buddies is because our system does not have the capacity to do so.
Club Penguin would become a lot slower.
If you would like to add new buddies, try deleting old penguins from your buddy
list to make room.

There have been many rumors about ninjas in Club Penguin for quite sometime.
They have never been officially introduced, but I’m sure if ninjas did come to
Club Penguin they would be very quiet and stealthy. Who knows what could happen!

Unfortunately, the super hero mask was not released with the last costume
catalog. However, that doesn’t mean that it will never return. Keep a look out!
Be sure to check the “Club Penguin Times” and the What’s New section of our
homepage for the latest updates.

Have a great day,

Club Penguin Fan Mail

i hope that get somwthing out of this

also i have updated my buddys page


-lpg 123


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