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Join my own army

Posted in Home on March 25, 2007 by lpg123

I want to have a army that will rule over bigsurf
i will be called the gladiators
the sever is in Australia it is called bigsurf
i will be the general-lpg123
and every one else will be a soldier or a private
I will wear every thing yellow i have
member can wear
-gold helmet or roman helmet
-gold chain
-black jumper
-black shoes
-blue cape or backpack
-any glasses
-red colour

or non member
-eye patch
-pirate shoes
-pirate belt
-red bandanna
-red colour

meeting will be at the swimming pool on fridays
time will be 12.00pm club penguin time
big surf Australia server

thank you please comment to join.


New glitch walk on water

Posted in Home on March 25, 2007 by lpg123

Walk on water
1, Go to the dock

2, Go just under the red tubes near the water

3, now click on the boat

4, you will walk on water on the way to play ballistic biscuit.

YOu can not do this cheat anymore

Cheats and Tips

Posted in Home on March 17, 2007 by lpg123

1, Catch the big fish in ice fishing
Wait until the last level and you can see the big fish coming in the distance catch a fish and hold it on the line
and let the big fish eat it.
There is a little movie and it says you caught the big fish you earn 50 extra coins.

2, On bean counter
Finish the game and you will earn 60 extra coins.

3, Jetpack adventure
Do not collect a single coin and you will earn 1000 coins.

4, Make yours words flash
Just say “green commander of green” and walk around and your words will flash.

5, Pizzatron 3000
GO to the pizza parlor, say yes to play pizzatron 3000, Near the bottom of the screen there is a red lever click on it. it moves and then it goes to candy mode.
just play the game and the sauce and the pizza topping are different.

6,Sit forward
Press s on your keyboard

7, make a farting noise
Press e t at the same time.