Your Opinion on Music?

Well, most people know there is a hell of alot of different types of music out there.

Just to name a few

Then, there is all the sub-genre’s such as grunge and that hopla.

So what is you opinion on your favourite type of music? Also why do you like that sort of music? How did you get to know about the type of music?

Ok enjoy your day!
– Mr Stud


8 Responses to “Your Opinion on Music?”

  1. Rock of course! have u eva heard blue woo hoo? its awesome! im a girl but i still LOVE rock.
    ~Hamann Tv

  2. Yer that song goes off lol.

  3. rock. clearly music tht is wat we need. i could expland it, but u should listen to it. listen to this:
    move along by all-american rejects


  5. Srry I Like ROCKNROLL!! šŸ™‚

  6. I’d say that music is like the moon, it has a dark,and a bright side…

  7. But my favorite type of music varies so…I can’t just choose one!

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