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Goodbye!!! CIAO

Posted in Home on April 27, 2008 by lpg123

ok this well sort of my final post, l will have another for mine and jaja’s final videos

now, l may play club penguin till October cause thats when my membership expires, this site wont be deleted. l will stil be fighting for rpf.

why: its because to many penguins want to be famous, to many penguins suck up to rare penguins (especially betas), to many people don’t have a life!!. l mean, There is more things in life then posting about club penguin secrets when you can find them yourself. durrr.

but is spite of all these penguins that want to be famous, there is some really good penguins, that talk nice, dont give a stuff if there famous, they just wanna have fun and enjoy themselves. and here is me thanking all those penguins that helped me out or had a good chat!!

jaja1995: dude, we talk to each other like we know each other in real life and we don’t. we will still be chatting away after school. lol.

bravehawk814, Noil man, justin garrett, buzzjr: hay thanks for posting for me, while l was away or won an author competetion.

Miroos: lol. u disappeared then came back, lm sorry if l have done any thing to hurt you. sorry dude forgive me. o yer and u were the first person, l talked to on msn about cp, that was a while ago.

Kg 007: dude, we talk about so much its not funny, good luck in future for RPF. the chasers rules!!!

Fort 57: good luck with the ACP dude.

Kustom546: good luck with acezboy, its a cool penguin. it was fun when l got to use it.

Pengumaniac4: dude you are crazy with photoshop, good luck cya around dude.

pennybelle: good luck with future videos.

darkcrow200: you have allways been a good friend to me

mathjazz: good allround person, very nice.

pirates gold: cya dude, from south africa, good luck with your site, just post more.

tillymuffin4: funny, lol, cheese.

I know its not everyone that l have met, but your there in heart.

ok this is my last time so l have a few things you should do to help you out in future life.

  • do not ever get involved with drugs, it will destroy your life
  • work hard, u have 1 chance at education.
  • club penguin will not make you smarter.
ok this is my last time…
goodbye l have had a great 14 months of posting, and l would like to thanks all of my regular visits
here is a few stats from my time here.
nothing to hide all here for you. l have always been like this if you don’t know
ok so cya for the last time
-lpg 123, plz remember me

Who Should have my site?

Posted in Home on April 26, 2008 by lpg123

well, if u don’t know im quitting posting on word-press and basically club penguin, making videos (my last video will be out soon) and l was thinking of deleting all of the other authors on this site. because l wont be deleting this site. to many memories.

but l was thinking of having one person that can continue as a author and post on Friday for the cp stuff!!

so comment here if u wanna join, all current authors need to enter here to!

just write your name then ill add you to a poll then everyone can vote for who they want!!

also competition ends friday with my last ever post :0 and the winner will be notified.

ok cyas

-watch jaja’s new vid its awesome!!-

ok cyas

-lpg 123



People dont give the pass to the fake Billybob

Posted in Home on April 25, 2008 by |ŊŏĮĻ-MåŇ|

Hey people,

Dont give your pass to the fake Billybob, because the people who said “Thats the real Billybob” and “It worked” are him, just look at this pic:

lpg’s edit: yes this person is a fake because it has been written on the same computer, and they have the same IP address. Fake, plz stop

cyas ps, l started my last club penguin video 😦

-lpg 123

New JL productions video! (remix)

Posted in Home on April 25, 2008 by jaja1995

Heyy itz jaja1995 ere,

This is my last and final Club penguin Music Video :(. Nevermind what the video says about the last JL productions video it is the second last Lpg is making one soon to!

anywayz the song is well its made by dj jaja lol jk. I just made a remix it has different songs in it, itwas ment to be only one song which was the first one.


also read Lpgs post below it has a great guide on how to find rockhopper it works 😉

Peace Out, Jaja1995

IM back + New Club penguin items + new club penguin pin location + rockhopper finding guide.

Posted in Home on April 25, 2008 by lpg123

ok ok im back everyone im back from my holiday and it was an awesome holiday =)

ok well back to business here is the new cp items.

thats a older that got brought back, just changed the colours, its located at the beach!!

there is the new pin, it looks like a treasure chest, and is located at the ski village, just run your cursor over the cross!!

o yer and the new sports catalogue is out, check it out!!!.

if there isnt past info here don’t worry, you would of already discovered it!!.

hits are down: o well they are only numbers, l don’t really care their only numbers and im still quitting soon any way.


ok well in rpf news commando has quit cp for good 😦 o well, he has completed what he wanted to do, destroy the old UMA. (not the current UMA)!!. and kg has got it back up and running smoothly, good to see.


jaja’s new vid should be out soon, l dont know whats its about, should be good.

that will be jaja last video im ganna make my own vid for a good bye to everyone!!


the best way for finding rockhopper

ok penguins you want to find mr rockhopper well lm going to tell you where l have found him.


He is ususally on at these days Friday, saturday, sunday.

server: tuxedo time:5.00pm PST TIME Rooms: dock, iceberg, beach, rockhoppers ship.

Server: tundra time: 5-6.00pm PST TIME Rooms: dock, iceberg, beach.

have found gim at those times many times and gave me the rockhopper background, l also made a short vid with me dancing with him on my utube channel.

ok, cyas 

-lpg 123


new iglos

Posted in Home on April 21, 2008 by bravehawk814

Hello Penguins!

The brand NEW igloo was released today!! It’s completely different than anything we’ve done before–it’s an igloo with a backyard! There’s even fences and outdoor ornaments you can purchase from the new furniture catalog to decorate your new lawn!


I had tons of fun decorating it–but I’d love to hear what you’ve been doing with the new stuff!


In other news: Don’t miss the party next weekend. Rockhopper was spotted in the telescope this week so there’s going to be a great party to celebrate his return!  It starts on April 25 and goes until the 28th!

Until then…waddle on!

lpg here

Posted in Home on April 17, 2008 by lpg123

how is it going everyone

lm an an interent cafe and donnnt rreally have much time, and thiskeyboard is really bad. sorry for spelling mistakes.

so thatnk everyone for postinng for and my holidays is going well!

plz continue postiing for me, and stop advertisinnng your site, l would delete it buuut the mouse is crap here.

ok cyaa and jaja can u getthe new items for lpg  plz dude.

-lpg 123,    l should be homme in roughly 10 days!