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Plz Vote For me!!!

Posted in Home with tags , , on February 29, 2008 by lpg123

ok. l have found out this to help you get more hits for your blog. 🙂

so plz vote for me. 😉

Top Blogs

and here is what my blog is rated, l only just put it there so it hasnt got a really rating, but if u vote for me ill be really happy and add more pplz to my blog.

ok so if you want all of the latest news, see my last post 😉

-lpg 123

Video Games


Club Penguin News

Posted in Home with tags , , , , , , , on February 29, 2008 by jaja1995

hey guys jaja1995 here filling in for lpg.He is currently sick and can’t get onto the computer. Well there is alot of club penguin news like every Friday lets get on with it shall we. 

lets start of with the sports catalouge.

a couple of new COOL items.Including my favourite sport soccer.They have soccer jersys and a new lure the the updated ice fishing which i will talk about later.

heres the animation of the catalouge click to enlarge it to also includes secrets.

here is the catalogue Click Here

or an animation by jaja95


ok here is all of the new catalogue secrets

-if it is to big click on it for a better view of it.



Next on the new club penguin list is the ice fishing update with the new fish silver fish which you can also use the new lure in.heres a little animation of the updated game.(im really crap at it lol)

again click to enlarge to see animation



the beach has also been updated with more of the migrators stuff.Its now full of wood and stuff.



The new pin was released today also.It is located at the pool.I personally think its bad…

thats all for now, Lpg might make an update later but when hes better

peace out, jaja1995 & Lpg 123


New stuff!

Posted in Home on February 29, 2008 by Justin

Pin Rules

Hi everyone. It’s me, Screenhog.

Are you a pin collector? Then this blog post is for you, because I’m going to tell you the rules we follow when we hide pins!

Rule 1: If we’ve hidden a pin in a room, we won’t hide another pin in that room for at least two months. So, for instance, the Anchor is hidden in the Cove, so we won’t hide another pin there until at least May.

Rule 2: We won’t hide a pin in the Town Center. That room is the busiest room in Club Penguin.

Rule 3: We won’t hide a pin in the HQ. Not all penguins are agents, so they wouldn’t get to go there.
Rule 4: A pin won’t be hidden on Rockhopper’s Ship. Rockhopper doesn’t usually stay for two weeks, and we don’t want him to leave with the pin!

Rule 5: We try not to hide a pin in the same place twice. The next time a pin comes to the Cove, we’re not going to hide it on the log by the bonfire.
Rule 6: Pins usually look like something related to a recent update. The Anchor was related to Rockhopper’s ship, and the next pin… hmm, should I give you a hint about what the next pin will be? Sure, why not?

aquagrabberpin.jpgPins are pretty small, so it’s hard to give a hint without giving it away, but try to guess what the next pin will be, and see if you’re right when it comes out tomorrow!

See ya,


lots of stuff tom

Posted in Home on February 28, 2008 by bravehawk814

hiya guies ok tom is the new pin the new lour for the silver fish and a new sport catlog ok cya guies -Bravehawk814

New Newspaper #124

Posted in Home on February 28, 2008 by lpg123

ok here is the new newspaper

ok sorry for the short post l got heaps of home work

ok cya

-lpg 123

i found the easter egg!!!

Posted in Home on February 27, 2008 by RJ

its so cool


My Friends

Posted in Home on February 27, 2008 by lpg123

ok, well l thought of a differnet kind of post today.

i thought l would want to show you. several of buddys.

 ok here l go

my oldest and missed on the beta hat Spongebob007


ok now now my buddy which has the most hits.

well compwiz500 was added to pinkmafias site, because he was a friend of his in real life. and that is roughly 1200000 hits.


or, if u want a penguin that has started his own site from  he start, here he is commando717


ok and the new penguin poll, vote soon 🙂


ok thats about it for today.

ok cya

-lpg 123