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woo hoo, the yellow puffle is finally out, and i am so excited
here is the puffle dancing and in action.


ok now for all non-members check out my new page for the yellow puffle dancing (1 page down from pictures).

ill tell you what else is cool the blizzard dojo was full of people dancing, check out my pics.



so check out the puffle page for all the new dancers.

Website update
coming allong great check out the pages soon (finished in 1 week)


-lpg 123


Major Updating

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ok i am now majorly updating my blog, because l am down on hits.

first with the style of blog

the extra sub-pages which can be seen on your right

and also better posting because i know that ill lose people visiting my site, if l dont have good hits

if you want to be able to get the sub headings on your blog you need to be very nice to me and l will tell you how l did it, and helping me get my hits up.

sorry but most pages are not finished yet, but will be in one week

ok, l need to get back to work

-lpg 123

Newsletter #111

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ok, now the new newspaper is out and we found out something new

the yellow puffle will be released 30th on November 2007, finally and l can not wait.

it also talks about “the great success of the surprise western party” which was alright because l got a rare item “bandanna”

coins for change will start December 14 to 24 2007

IN other news i am now a one star RPF general

and RPF will have a practise battle against its self, because there is no one thta wants to fight about them, too strong

ok thats about it

all new secrets and and what new tomorrow 30th November


-lpg 123

Coins for Change and survey

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ok, i would like to thank everyone that commented on my survey, Pantucas 132 and mirros
and the most common is people googleling my name, which is lpg 123 (if you do not know)

——Coins for change—–


club penguin had a great new idea “coins for change”
this is a new idea where you and me can donate your club penguin game coins to charitys all over the world, to help young 3rd world countries who need food, clean water, clothes, toilets, education facilites, hospitals and the list just keeps going (most of these are what we take for granted and complain that we ” do not have the latest game or not the latest designer clothes” when people in developing countries do not evan have game or cheap clothes. So l want is for you to donate all your coins and evan earn more coins for you to donate so developing countries can have basic needs. So can you please donate because l will be, for sure.

ok cya


-lpg 123

Dark Day!!!

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ok this has been a bad day for me because l have hardly got any today because no from google has been redirected to my blog.
so l just want to ask you one question today, its also a survey

How did you find out about my blog?

can you please answer this in a comment so l know how people found out about my blog, because l have been wanting to make this post for a long time
so can you please help me to complete the survey.

——– unrelated club penguin news——–
do you want some cheats for EA games new game Need for speed ProStreet, just tell me you email and l will send them to you, my email is



-lpg 123

Check out my Slide Show!

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About Watex Battle

Posted in Home on November 26, 2007 by lpg123

ok someone commented about why did the battle start .

ok the battle was designed to be a FRIENDLY BATTLE and that what it was.

watex wanted to have a party because that what he likes to do, so he asked the ACP, UMA, NACHOS and RPF to participate in a big snowball fight and that was what happened, many people that are fans joined with watex and had a massive army. the battles were very good with most battle becoming a tie, i would like to congradulate the Watex Warriors on a excellent battle, you fought gallantly and should be commend as a fighting force.

ok cya


-lpg 123