Club Penguin Stage Production

ok we know know what the new stage is all about
club penguin is having a alien show

ok its so cool, oh man l can’t get enough of it, its the best

here is a few pics of the stage

costume-34.jpg (me about to go in there)


-there is even there own costumes for the play
-there is also a script

oh man, thats the best for a long time.


also there was a new furniture catalogue which was not that good because they are all old items, like the snow furniture and igloo.

also i am going to be doing alot of acting
so i might be starting up a stage production

but first i need members, so comment here to join, ill make a page for it tomorrow

ok cya


-lpg 123


One Response to “Club Penguin Stage Production”

  1. pantucas 132 Says:

    ill join i already have all the stuff becuase i bought them all cause iam rich

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