OK some News

ok, here is some club penguin news.
I have found out from the newspaper the yellow puffle is very artistic, and has been found on puffle round, here is a pic for proof.


—–in other news—-

ok, here is a update for the Watex Warriors vs RPF, ACP.
RPF won the biggest battle because RPF surrounded fevers men and they stopped firing, so basically RPF won, if you were at the battle you would have seen for proof what would happen.
also UMA was supposed to be allies with the watex warriors, but they backstabbed them and beat the crap out of them, that were at the town.

here is a few of commandos pics of the battle



i would of made some of my own pictures but l having to much fun at the battle.

BLACK COWBOY HAT-l still can not find out if you can still get iit because there is a few penguins that have it, i got the hat at Febuary clothing catalogue.

ok cya


-lpg 123


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