New Editor, For Now

You may have heard that Lpg123 is going on vacation soon. He has chosen editors to fill in for him during his vacation. Who are they? They are Commando717 and Taytay606. And this is Commando talking right now. Im also the leader of RPF, you can find my site here:

Im glad to be an editor on “Club Penguin News by LPG123”, I will be updating you on whats new on CP.

– Commando717

Fight the Good Fight


3 Responses to “New Editor, For Now”

  1. Give original news about activities in cp please

  2. pantucas 132 Says:

    whreres lgp123 i can help him edit too i use to have wordpress

    lpg123: sorry, but commando its a real good friend of mine.

  3. pantucas 132 Says:

    o come on!!!!!! sniff sniff iam on your best friend buddy list

    LPG 123: ok you are

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