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New Newspaper + new catalogue this friday + new email

Posted in Home with tags , , , on April 3, 2008 by lpg123

ok well there is a new catalogue out and here is the main points

well, aunt artic has taken over the newspaper just see the front page


well, you need to read the rest of the paper to find out

o and here is the events page, a must for me!!


the new newspaper came out and it had a find-a-word and l finished it (it was preatty easy)



and the new stage  play is coming out on the 11th of April. the crocodile reminds me of the time l went to a croc farm in Darwin Northern Territory Australia, they were massive and had a awesome jumping abilities,  and l got to hold a baby one, o so cute.


well, club pengiun seems to be realeasing some ties back, l hope they release the black one back because l really like that item.



Rockhopper’s ship 

yes that’s right, rockhoppers ship well 80% repaired  and you can go on the top of it. just look at this, me and jaja tryed to clean it up, didnt go that well we were partying to much :mrgreen:


Here is my new email contact me if you have any questions club penguin related or any other problems you have.

ok thats it for today, also ogalthorp has retired *salute* cya mate, from all of RPF.

ok thats it for today

-lpg 123 



New JL Productions Vid + wanna be subbed

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ok, now here is my new JL productions vid 

hope u like :mrgreen:


are you low on youtube subscribers and need more, well then JL productions are here to help you. all you need to do is just click the link 2 these 2 youtube channels, subscribe and well will subb you back as quick as we can. and

so, here helping each other out. the best way l can!!

and if u want to be in the author contest see last post

ok cyas

-lpg 123

new Newspaper

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ok, the new newspaper is out and here is all the infoswf link:   eventsmarch 21

  •  easter egg hunt
  • new furniture catalogue
march 28
  • april fools party
  • new pin
the migrator is nearly finished
wow, look at this
and l will have all of the easter egg scavenger hunt locations tomorrow so stay tuned.
ok cya
-lpg 123 

Beta Test Party pictures

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wow, l found some really cool pictures of beta penguins. only l knew about club penguin, oh well.

also l have noticed that l have 30,000 hits l would like to thank everyone who visits my site everyday, l helps alot and who comments even batter!!! that makes me happy 🙂

also l am thinking of hiring some more people for my site, lf you think you have got what it takes comment and l will think about it, everyone will be notified in a week!!

ok thats about it, visit that site its preatty cool!!

ok cyas

-lpg 123

Awesome Party Out of nowhere!!

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well, me (lpg), jaja and tillymuffin were bored so we decided to make a big awesome party!!!

well, first we saw penguins trying to be buddys with old pengs, so we decided to show them the real cp. so he just started dancing and look what happened.







so we turned a very boring time on cp, to a really fun time 🙂 isnt this the type of club penguin you want.

oh yer, and new book out at the 2nd room of coffee shop.

ok cyas

-lpg 123 (l think jaja made a vid of this, u can post it if u want) 

New Page!!

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well, l made a bit of a different type of page today (it is a link click on it)

ok l hope you like l was on it for ages typing it all up.

and l need something from you.

l am stuck with finding a new song forr my new video, sl if u can suggest a song and l like it l will add it. plz just make sure it is under 4 minutes, because it will take to long to make.

ok cyas

-lpg 123

St Patricks day Party 2008 secrets and pin location and animation!

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hia penguins!!

well here is the pin location, and all the tips for the new party. st patricks day 08here is the big st pats day party hat!! (at ski village)


 pin-is at the bolier room, wave mouse over the pin, it will fall pick it up!!


ok, here is basically all of the good rooms that have been decorated, a animation and plz tell me if it does not work.


hope you like and plz see the last post by bravehawk for billy bob new snaek peak, cowboy clothes soon!!


everyone make this your first priority 

Hello Penguins!

Im my last post, I talked about how we need to get more people testing at the same time so we can push the servers to their limit.  So we decided to do something about it.  This Friday afternoon at 4:15pm (penguin time), RSnail, Screenhog and myself are all going to be hanging out on Test Server 1.  Invite your friends to come hang out together so we can push the server to the max! We may do some fun things like all jump back and forth between the two test servers at the same time to really push it but we’ll let you know at the party.Let your friends know too! 

FRIDAY at 4:15 PST (penguin time)

Test Server 1

with Billybob, Rsnail, and Screenhog

It’ll be tons of fun but we can’t do it without your help!  I hope to see all of you there! 

Until then… Waddle On!- Club Penguin Team



ok cyas

-lpg 123