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New JL Productions Vid + wanna be subbed

Posted in Home with tags , , , , , on March 24, 2008 by lpg123

ok, now here is my new JL productions vid 

hope u like :mrgreen:


are you low on youtube subscribers and need more, well then JL productions are here to help you. all you need to do is just click the link 2 these 2 youtube channels, subscribe and well will subb you back as quick as we can. and

so, here helping each other out. the best way l can!!

and if u want to be in the author contest see last post

ok cyas

-lpg 123


new Newspaper

Posted in Home with tags , , , , , on March 20, 2008 by lpg123

ok, the new newspaper is out and here is all the infoswf link:   eventsmarch 21

  •  easter egg hunt
  • new furniture catalogue
march 28
  • april fools party
  • new pin
the migrator is nearly finished
wow, look at this
and l will have all of the easter egg scavenger hunt locations tomorrow so stay tuned.
ok cya
-lpg 123 

New JL Productions Vid

Posted in Home with tags , , on March 12, 2008 by lpg123

ok here is my new vid on Green day time of your life, but for some reasons its sort a blurry. (scratches head)


ok hope you like and here is my youtube channel  cplpg123

so, plz watch my vid because all in club penguin news.

and one other thing, mohd222 got banned forever on club penguin 😦

ok thats all

-lpg 123 

Club Penguin Improvemt Project!!

Posted in Home with tags , , , on March 10, 2008 by lpg123

reporter lpg here to tell you what been going down with the CPIP well, it looks that we will have to wait a bit longer, because with my timezone it wil come out when l am at school 😦 (link plz click it)

and can one of my faithful reporters post about this as soon as it comes out

sorry for short post, new vid coming along great

-lpg 123 

Come to my party!

Posted in Home with tags , , on March 9, 2008 by Justin


When: March 15, 2008
Who: Everyone!
What time?: 12:00 p.m PST
Where Server Bigfoot at the Snow Forts
Hope to see you there!


Lpgs edit: l should be able to come, so every plz come. mohd got his site back 🙂 new JL video to be added soon.


-lpg 123 

JL Productions First Video!!!! + easter party item predictions

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ok, here is the quality and expertise of jl productions and our first video 🙂

ok hope you like, well l really do and l will start on Living on Prayer by Bon Jovi. also editors plz post away.
and that would have had to been the best clothing catalogue in a long time.

and mohd’s site got suspended 😦

if u want to know what items will be realesed on easter party plz click more


lpg 123

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