BH here thx 4 everything lpg!!!!!!!!


Hello Penguins!


He’s finally back! The Captain has returned from his long voyage at sea and he’s going to be around Club Penguin for the next 10 days! He made a big announcement in the Club Penguin Times yesterday–be sure to check it out. It has to do with a new room!!!


There sure is a lot going on right now, and not all of it has to do with Rockhopper. The sports catalog was updated today! Let us know what you think about it!


In other news: Thank you all for your excitement around the penguin party at the London Zoo on May 3rd. There has been such great feedback that the event is now FULL!  Unfortunately we can not fit anyone else into the event.  Sorry to those of you who can’t attend, but we hope to do something like this again in the future.

LPGS EDIT: hay, everyone hope life is good for you, l don’t remember my pass for my email, so l will make a new one later, also pixel penguins is now closed, sorry for any in-connivence, also l havnt really been working on my last vid, just to busy, also bravehawk if u want u can have have my site, just post alot and l will upgrade you!!.

Have a nice day!!

-lpg 123 



8 Responses to “BH here thx 4 everything lpg!!!!!!!!”

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  2. idontbreakcp Says:

    Awsome post LPG! keep it up man! 😛

    Waddle off! 😉

  3. hey lpg, can you make me an admin please :)?
    have a great day lpg, i miss u man 😦 😥

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