New JL productions video! (remix)

Heyy itz jaja1995 ere,

This is my last and final Club penguin Music Video :(. Nevermind what the video says about the last JL productions video it is the second last Lpg is making one soon to!

anywayz the song is well its made by dj jaja lol jk. I just made a remix it has different songs in it, itwas ment to be only one song which was the first one.


also read Lpgs post below it has a great guide on how to find rockhopper it works 😉

Peace Out, Jaja1995


3 Responses to “New JL productions video! (remix)”

  1. hey jaja or lpg, i downloaded camtasia studio and i know how to use it, but, when i make the gif animation, the image sucks, how do u make a animation with good image/quality?

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