lpg here

how is it going everyone

lm an an interent cafe and donnnt rreally have much time, and thiskeyboard is really bad. sorry for spelling mistakes.

so thatnk everyone for postinng for and my holidays is going well!

plz continue postiing for me, and stop advertisinnng your site, l would delete it buuut the mouse is crap here.

ok cyaa and jaja can u getthe new items for lpg  plz dude.

-lpg 123,    l should be homme in roughly 10 days!


2 Responses to “lpg here”

  1. sure will.
    i never knew that the QLDS internet keyboards were crap they were good when i was there.(well the place i went to)
    p.s.i made the vid a remix, thats all i can say.

  2. bravehawk814 Says:

    k will do lpg!

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