Club Penguin New Poll + Maybe Quitting

hey, here is the new club penguin poll    

what did u vote for?


also, me and jaja have had a mssive talk about our future here with club penguin, here are some points on why we should quit!

  • we don’t even play club penguin any more.
  • both of our sites hits are down, so no one even likes us.
  • has our posts even helped you out.
  • that many other penguins do the same as us, have a free wordpress sites and copy us.
  • Club penguin has become really boring (who agrees with me)
  • were to old to play it.
  • We want to move on in life
here are just some of the reasons that why we should quit, if there is more than 20 people wanting me 2 stay, l will.
ok thats it for today -new newspapers is out tomorrow-
-lpg 123
Jaja’s edit:
as some of you probally know i have nearly quit to…
i just wanna say something to all club penguin players bloggers especially.
when you think of it are you actually going anywhere in live playing a 8 – 12 year old game. Most of the older penguins are in there teens doing something with there lives. i must admitt that i wasnt really going anywhere when i came back to club penguin sure i was playing sports doing school work but in a couple of years time do you expect someone to ask you what do u do in your spare time? and u answer i play club penguin. the person would probally think at this age jeez get a life. no offence to everyone but if you keep on playing this CHILDISH game think for a second and say ”am i really going anywhere in life”. trust me from experience you will probally start to get more social (thats my life), find more interests, get more school work, you wont have anytime for this game, so before you waste your childish years which people say are the best move on. The next generation of players are coming. go outside kick a ball, go out with your friends just dont waste your time doing this. Sure you can still play the game but dont go this far with posting. All that i have said has got to do with me quiting, im making my decision now you can make yours to…


10 Responses to “Club Penguin New Poll + Maybe Quitting”

  1. Dont Quit Lpg 😦

  2. Dont quit but CP is so boring!

  3. dude, just dont quit, ur the best dude and u are my idol, please, dont leave 😦

  4. mindyangel1 Says:

    Don’t Quit When I need Help for CP I always come on this site because it rocks!


    Look Im 13 I Play everyday after school My Bro play til he was 14!
    Don’t Quit


  5. This is kinda true.I have to agree because my penguins banned forever because of a haker. the reason i dnt like cp is : Cp trainer 2,3 (top rated by f@g$!) wpe pro (top rated by f@g$) and all those other ones. Ill only return if i get UNBANNED. 😦

  6. bravehawk814 Says:

    please dont quit!

  7. pantucas 132 Says:

    i would quit because clubpenguin sucks now

  8. dont quit u really helped me out
    i am begging dont quit

  9. Lpg,
    You where a good friend and all,but u suddenly removed me from ur blog one day,so we dont really act like friends/hang out and when I met u on cp,on 1.4.08(April fools),I was on as Zamros,and you were telling me ‘get away from me I dont even know u’,and u call that a friend?ZAMROS is my penguin.Go ahead and quit , it wont change anything in my life.LPG,that shows thay u preffer all these admins or watever on ur blog than me.Thanks alot.And when I destroyed the RA,it was’nt only my fault,because u went and put a pic of ur penguin on my site.That site is deleted anyway.You even said that I was your best friend once.Also,once when we were talking on msn,u told me I cant be an admin on yo blog and 2 months later u were begging me,so I accepted,and then u took me off again.

    You are not the old Lpg I used to know…

  10. I think club penguins getting a bit boring too but I have a back yard on it!

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