News + cpip update + cp army info + jaja!!

ok, here is some news that been going around

cpip update
well, if u don’t know the test servers are now closed, that the club penguin improvement project (cpip) now bilylbob and the gang are going to “wave their magic” and turn all the ordinary servers into the test servers which will mean, more people can play at one time, less bugs. etc.

also billybob also said that there will be special awards to penguins that helped out on the test servers, so that maybe mean the beta hat coming back or another hat the same as that just different colour.

club penguin army information

well as you may not know that l have a page about club penguin army information and it is going to be totally updated very soon, with the help of new author Kg 007, we will both work hard to update it as much as we can, me and kg are both in the RPF are really good friends!!


jaja has joined my site for a long time, and now he will only post on this site, not his. so please welcome jaja as he will now be working hard on this site. o yer also Bravehawk814 has joined my site and will be mostly be posting on this site to!!!.

ok cyas, sorry for the long post

-lpg 123



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