Aqua Grabber update + New Vid


Today was a Aqua Grabber update. First you have to get the treasure chest located at the bottom middle. If you collect the clams pearl you get 25 coins. It is hard getting the Treasure Chest because of the mullet in the way! It took a lot of trys to get it!

Here are some pics:

See ya,

thanks for that justingarret.

hia l made a new vid and l hope you enjoy it


ok thats it for today, hope your liking fantage and the new club penguin ties!!


<a href=”″&gt; <img src=”; border=”1″ width=”468″ height=”60″></a>

click there to get free clubpenguin memberships.

ok cyas

-lpg 123 


3 Responses to “Aqua Grabber update + New Vid”

  1. thanks goodwork JG

    -lpg 123- new vid

  2. hey lpg, can u add my site to ur blogroll, i added you to my blogroll, heres the site , thanks!

  3. cool! the music video is great!

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