April Club Penguin Clothing Catalogue secrets 04/04/2008

hell here is all the April Club Penguin catalogue secrets

click on the frist page the blue penguin with the big 🙂



ok the 3rd page click the green penguin with the green cloth to get the red vicking helmet, then open and close it 4 times to get the blue vicking helmet.


ok here is the new items and click the little bubble on the thrid page


 new items


club penguin brought back the black tie and the red and yellow striped tie back.


as you can see new casual items. (maybe for a new party)


penguins at work got a brand new job for keeping the ski slopes safe!!

also some items that have been brought back


the ovalrolls have been brought back and also the messenger bag

here is the new backgrounds


ok hope you like the new catalogue


also l have up dated heaps of pages so plz check them out and also will be adding more cool pages 


o yer, and l have a new email address so you can ask me anything that you like, as long as it is realated to club penguin 


ok cya

lpg 123 


6 Responses to “April Club Penguin Clothing Catalogue secrets 04/04/2008”

  1. great job lpg!
    keep it up 🙂


  2. i have a huge dick

  3. I want those Back grounds and ties Back!

  4. i hate your blog!
    eat a fly

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