How to activate visual rich editor!

(Visual rich editor)


so, you wanna know how to do this.


  • Write in colour
  • write centred
  • improve your visual inters while posting
  • look cool
  • spell check

well, this is how you do it.


  • click>users>your profile>scroll down a little>activate visual rich editor

if you still don’t get how to do do this. keep trying or try to find it in the wordpress forums click here or just comment.

so. l hope this helps you out. and want to know what ill be posting about tomorrow. a beta testing game thats not planet cazmo.

so if you want to find out what it is. come back tomorrow  to find out.

and here is from the club penguin blog. a check of what you need to do for the april fools party. ❗


ok cya

~lpg 123`


    4 Responses to “How to activate visual rich editor!”

    1. Thanks!


    3. there is no visual editor where you said under users..i scrolled and non there.

    4. sassy_queen9 Says:

      Thnx for s3xing MY BFF WAAH

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