New Author!


Waz up?

Im Noil Man, the new author in this site, you can call me Noil, my account Noil Man is banned forever cuz someone hacked me, im using Ttboy99 or FBI Agent 07, im 750 days old in Club Penguin (no lie) and i make Youtube Videos of Club Penguin, and Stickmen Animations, my favourite servers are Mammoth, Frozen, Yeti, Tuxedo and Alaska, you will ussualy find me there, every day and every night.Thats enough information. :DWell penguins i hope u like this site!

See you later everyone!Waddle on and walk on the cool side!– Noil Man – Ttboy99 – FBI Agent 07!

 Check this out, LOL:


lpg’s edit:  hia everyone

well l added noil man early because l was talking to him on chat, so congratulations  and lets hope he goes well :mrgreen: 

in other news l have thought of opening up a picture editing shop here are a few examples.



well its the same pic just edited different.

ok cyas

 lpg 123 


5 Responses to “New Author!”

  1. nice post

    -lpg 123-thats what l like-

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  3. cool noil mans the new author
    good choice lpg 😉
    sorry i haven’t been on for a while, ive been doing a history assigment all weekend 😦

  4. lpg i can do some edits for u to i just learnt some more awesome stuff on u know what…
    ill tell u what i can do on msn or something cya!


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