New Newspaper april fools edition + penguin of the month

ok, here is the newspaper without logging on

also it is all decorated with crazy april fools decoations, and scribbling everywhere like last years.

so here is a couple of the main features

main page


the events page-a must for all organised penguins!!


and all club penguin will say about tipping the iceberg


also the new penguin of the month


ill tell you what is odd, it automatically changes to the penguin that log’s on. and is the only words on that page that you can highlight. odd!!

and if you click the swf link look what happens paper7.jpg 

there is nothing. 

here is a few other pictures of the newspaper



 ok thats it for today and the winner will be announced on monday or wednesday-keep viewing to find out, and remember you can still enter.


ok thats it for today -remember april fools party friday, ill have all the information you need.

-lpg 123 


2 Responses to “New Newspaper april fools edition + penguin of the month”

  1. cool will there be a hat that flys

    lpgs edit: there was the last 2 years so maybe


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