New JL Productions Vid + wanna be subbed

ok, now here is my new JL productions vid 

hope u like :mrgreen:


are you low on youtube subscribers and need more, well then JL productions are here to help you. all you need to do is just click the link 2 these 2 youtube channels, subscribe and well will subb you back as quick as we can. and

so, here helping each other out. the best way l can!!

and if u want to be in the author contest see last post

ok cyas

-lpg 123


6 Responses to “New JL Productions Vid + wanna be subbed”

  1. pantucas 132 Says:

    jaja do u speak spanish????????????????????? and also you guys did the talking slow because the music didnt match up on the words the penguin said but that was only a few times.

    Jaja1995-No i do not speak spanish -_- i dont have a clue what jaja even means, its just a random word i came up with it when making my penguin

  2. awesome! cool vid! -Peng Pinky!

  3. Hey lpg! cool site!

  4. Nice vid i liked all the effects

    pppl plz join the CACP at

  5. polischeck97 Says:

    hey rockin site!!!! mine is!!! if ya add me to ur blogroll ill add ya to mine thx!

  6. Hi,
    Sick of posting about Club Penguin free items and pins?
    Come and get my wordpress widget!
    It shows all items and pins!

    Get it at:


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