Beta Test Party pictures

wow, l found some really cool pictures of beta penguins. only l knew about club penguin, oh well.

also l have noticed that l have 30,000 hits l would like to thank everyone who visits my site everyday, l helps alot and who comments even batter!!! that makes me happy 🙂

also l am thinking of hiring some more people for my site, lf you think you have got what it takes comment and l will think about it, everyone will be notified in a week!!

ok thats about it, visit that site its preatty cool!!

ok cyas

-lpg 123

7 Responses to “Beta Test Party pictures”

  1. Noil Man Says:

    hey dude, its me again, please hire me, my club penguin name is Ttboy99 (Noil Man banned for now), and u know my email cuz u added on MSN :), thanks!

  2. craw_fish Says:

    hey lpg heres how to get the silver surf board!
    1:click the penguin holding the flame surf board it will turn into the daisy surf board.
    2:click the shell fish and the star fish in eney order
    then the penguins surf board will turn silver!

  3. mrbigmancp Says:

    can you go to my site at
    order your dream penguin today! :mrgreen:
    – Mr Bigman

  4. lol kewl r u a beta?

    tht party rockd!!!!


  5. can i copy them onto my site?

    (Ill give credit)


  6. What I thout this was your site?

  7. Daily Post…

    […]beneath you’ll uncover the link to some websites that we believe you might want to visit[…]…

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