Awesome Party Out of nowhere!!

well, me (lpg), jaja and tillymuffin were bored so we decided to make a big awesome party!!!

well, first we saw penguins trying to be buddys with old pengs, so we decided to show them the real cp. so he just started dancing and look what happened.







so we turned a very boring time on cp, to a really fun time 🙂 isnt this the type of club penguin you want.

oh yer, and new book out at the 2nd room of coffee shop.

ok cyas

-lpg 123 (l think jaja made a vid of this, u can post it if u want) 


9 Responses to “Awesome Party Out of nowhere!!”

  1. monkey clyd Says:

    Some what.

  2. i got some tapes for the harder, better, faster, stronger vid!


  3. ★cнσcнυηεү★ Says:

    Nice Site Lpg!
    Keep up the good work, lol, my first time on ure site!

  4. nice post
    check out won of mine and win a free beta with some of the oldest pins or a penguin witha mill. coins!!!
    check it out!!!
    P.S. if we dont make it to a sirten amout of hits that i qiut

  5. Whaleoil Says:

    Nice post mate!

    Looks like sick party and I wish I could be there.
    Nice site aswell!!!!
    I will tell everyone about it


  7. CPMAC is having a party and he is going to give it away go to it!

  8. Awesome post!
    Keep it up =)
    Check my site 😉

  9. harrisonweinreb Says:

    come to my site and get more than 5000 cp coins you can do it as many times as you want to. So come to my site at

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