New Page!!

well, l made a bit of a different type of page today (it is a link click on it)

ok l hope you like l was on it for ages typing it all up.

and l need something from you.

l am stuck with finding a new song forr my new video, sl if u can suggest a song and l like it l will add it. plz just make sure it is under 4 minutes, because it will take to long to make.

ok cyas

-lpg 123


9 Responses to “New Page!!”

  1. thanks for commenting on my site i realy liike urs to 😉

  2. monkey clyd Says:

    Jesus Take The Wheel!

  3. do u have a chat? if not go on mine

  4. can u tell me how to do animations?

  5. ill add u to my blogroll if u add me can u tell me how u got so many hits in only a month?

  6. ill make u an admin if u make me an admin i really need hits.

  7. marcel482 Says:

    Please visit
    Concerns1234, 09cole 09 and Sully1000 is included in the blog
    I may not have much hits, but if you visit, I will eventually get more and grow, and you will get rewarded!

    Waddle on,

  8. It depends wat the vid is, but “I dont wanna be in love” By greenday or watever

  9. how do y do animations?

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