New Newspaper

hey hey hey its Jaja1995 updating you with the latest news in club penguin.

heres the latest newpaper news.

the main topic was the construction of the migrator.

Rory the worker who does everything in club penguin construction said everythings looking good the only trouble will be rockhoppers headquaters the reason being is because no one knows what it looks like…

Also the St Patricks day Party will be starting tomorrow and club penguin also talked about the upcoming easter egg hunt so there is some things to look forward to ;) .

the rest of the newspaper was there usual stuff…

to read the newspaper and the other stuff

Click Here!

Lpg may make an edit or something.

thats all for now,

peace out, Jaja1995


One Response to “New Newspaper”

  1. thanks good work jaja

    -lpg 123, to busy tennis comp an hw!

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