good news bad news:(

hi people i hav good news and bad news

good news got a new baby cousin! and should i get MY site goin again? u decide comment yes or no

Bad news lots of people r hacking cp 2 i gave up u tube (or did i?) and 3 someone tricked me and i got BANNED! on cpip!    

now should i give up on u tube OR start from scratch? U CHOSE! comment yes or no and ill decide!   -Bravehawk814


5 Responses to “good news bad news:(”

  1. pantucas 132 Says:

    no for get your site goin again, star from scratch on u tube

  2. Monkey clyd Says:

    No for youtube! And yes for website!

  3. yes for wedsite yes for u tube

  4. YES 4 ALL OF THEM!!! I miss your site, I used to go there every day!

  5. bravehawk814 Says:

    wow thats deep i didnt know that annyone went to my site!


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