New March Clothing Catalogue + New Hair Catalogue

 ok, here is the new club penguin catalogue secrets, march/april and the new wig catalogue.

trust me they brang back some pretty good items back 🙂 


ok here is the new catalogue click here and here is all of the secrets:




open and close 3-4 times


and here is the wig catalolgue click here and there is no secrets there.


also this is how l will looking on club penguin for a good while, do u like the look. 


ok cya

-lpg 123 

Jaja1995’s edit:

look at this picture and tell me if you think the new CP hair looks like the australian crickters hair Andrew Symonds:


and here is another made by me lpg 123


as, well you would most likely know who this is it is rihanna the singer, she sang umberella, don’t stop the music and many more

ok cya lpg 123 


6 Responses to “New March Clothing Catalogue + New Hair Catalogue”

  1. lol this is like the best catoglue ever

  2. yea by far.

    i use the red sun glasses now instead of green 🙂

  3. shaymin14 Says:

    who bought the new wig???!!!!! no one did really

  4. The new hair styles look awesome!

  5. Hey just wanted to tell you that I have made a brand new thing!
    Its called PENGUIN MANIA comic’s!
    They are very cool and we make new one’s every week so check it out!
    Here is the link:

  6. hey lpg
    umm the aussie cricketer has dred locks?
    i know loads of peeps who do
    so what?
    Comment on my site

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