New Poll!!!

hia, everyone.

well there’s not really much been going down. put club penguin made a new poll


also club penguin made adjustments to jet back adventure, such as adding the stage & making the whole game run faster. but now tell me who actually plays that game. l have been playing grabber lately, but ill try it out since they have updated it. and if u still don’t know if u collect 0 coins through the whole game at the end you receive 1000 coins, woo hoo.

ok now, me and jaja have teamed up to make a production series, so move over club penguin me and jaja are here to WOW you. we have agreed on the name jl productions, if u can come up with a better name plz tell me.

and speaking of videos here is jaja’s new video, plz watch im in it!! πŸ˜‰

oh yer and here is my youtube channel

plz subscribe to me and ill subscribe back, because l hardly have any1 😦

ok thats it for today

-lpg 123


3 Responses to “New Poll!!!”

  1. Nice theme man! Keep it up =)

  2. thanks mohd your awesome πŸ™‚

    ok hope u like ym site

    ok cyas

    -lpg 123

  3. Monkey clyd Says:

    YOU ROCK LPG! And I will subscribe!

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