New header!

hey jaja here,you may have realised the new header its not fully done yet lpg is gonna add writing but its gonna be soon.There may be a few more changes gonne try figure out again how to get rid of that black bit.matrix_edited-32.jpgif you got any questions leave a comment be free to ask!thats all for now,peace out, Jaja1995  Lpg’s Edit:  well here is the header with the writing on it, jaja can u do it because with safari (the internet browers for apple computers) u can’t up load images for headers, hopefully wordpress should fix this up soon. l hope. lol1.jpg  random2.jpeg( l like this one the best)random.jpeg  ok cyas -lpg 123 (you can u one of these is you like)


2 Responses to “New header!”

  1. cool site!

    btw can i be on ur blogroll?

    Simmer 27

  2. Hello!
    I would love to add u to my blogroll but in order for me to do that i must be on ur blogroll!
    Simmer 27

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