Newspaper #123 + Easter Egg Hunt!!

 if u want the easter egg hunt pics click

here  ok here is the swf link for the new newspaper

Newspaper #122 (its a link, click on it)

~ok, well l know its not easter time but l had a great idea of having a easter egg hunt, so when club penguin releases the easter egg hunt you can find the eggs really quick before everyone else.ok now the egg is hidden anywhere on this site, here is a few clues, plz dont copy my idea.

– Check pages-

Check side bar- Check past posts


its an animated egg

there is only 1

ok so if you find it comment here, and be the first. and yes l am the only club penguin realated site to have this, except for club penguin for the past 2 years.ok be the first.ok happy hunting

-lpg 123


20 Responses to “Newspaper #123 + Easter Egg Hunt!!”

  1. pennybelle Says:

    I found it!
    PS:what is prize?

  2. yeah!!!!i found it second.i hope first second third will get the prize

  3. hey lpg i found it under one of the dream penguins

  4. i like chikin and meow mix

  5. I found it its under one of the dream penguins!!! Easy!

  6. wtf

  7. meow mix tastes like chikin

  8. I think i found it, hold the cursor over the bottom of the squished penguin on page B6…

  9. hey guys wats up?

  10. its under the dream penguin!!!!!!!!EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. where is the dream penguin?

  12. where and whats a dream penguin?

  13. abdulrahim Says:

    i sooooooooo wana get them welkl i know where they r

  14. Where is the 4th egg in the hunt? the clue is something about on a shelf prickley and green


  16. i can’t find an egg will some one help me tell me were it is?

  17. forth egg is in book room

  18. WOW ITS LIKE EASY I DONE IT IN 5 MINUTes! HONEST!!! lol and by the way if eny of you penguins have giot some one called MISSMILLYMOP on your list then THATSS MEEEEEEEE SO HANG AROUND WITH ME AND BE FAMOUS!1

  19. hey guys im back

  20. are you guys there?

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