Everything u need for the new Submarine Party!!

well, here is all the secrets, tips, pin location for the new club penguin party.

ok here are the free items.

-the new pin is at the cove.

-the sea weed belt is at the book room. go to coffee shop then go upstairs 😉


-run your mouse over the treasure chest and it will open up the box, click on it while its open and pick up the yellow snorkel.

and here is just about every decorated room for the new club penguin party.


ok cya

-lpg 123


7 Responses to “Everything u need for the new Submarine Party!!”

  1. this is kool lpg keep it up


  2. Friendly commenter Says:

    this site like, sux!

  3. I love this site, great cheats!!!

  4. hey lpg
    just to let you know the interview with you on youtube will be on youtube TONIGHT!

  5. pengin link Says:

    whoa cool i didnt even know that there was a party going on on CP. thank you for the info.

  6. terryking24 Says:

    lol link this site rules!!!

  7. Dude you are so awesome for getting all of these cheats for clothes and pins!!!!
    Keep getting all of the up dates for club penguin so i can look at them!!!!!!!!!
    Once again your still awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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