mohd is right, and here is his site

l have taken many things out of it and l have asked myself one question. What is the point of making fake vids. l mean saying “come here to be on utube” when they dont even make the vid. just so that they can be famous, for saying something that is really cool idea and lying about it. and also music videos, all they do is have a song that you have heard before and a penguin saying the lyrics, when u can get it of google or but, l know that many people have a alot of fun making them and but alot of effort into them. also there is someone else l want to point out gator360, ok this guy says “we own you” because he has the most views and subscribers, also l think this guy is alot older than most of us are.

also, club penguin armys there has been that many of them its not funny. (before l go on id like to say, l had a cp army but then got rid of it because no one else could go to meetings). there has been that much of them being made. l mean here are some success full ones RPF, UMA, ACP and many more. but there is also other penguins saying “we protect servers from enemies”. ok how can they be an enemy in the first place . also people get really angry that that they dont have the best rank in that army and l wanna rebel against this one because l am the smartest bloke and everyone should follow me because l am cool and follow me.

ok, l just wanted to get that out of my head, sorry lf u didnt like that.

ok cya

-lpg 123

-ps l am going to make a col new movie soon, and its ganna be lpgs trails-


3 Responses to “True!!!”

  1. Thanks for the credits thats nice =)

  2. np mohd

    -lpg 123

  3. support this club penguin crisis.check out my latest post lpg.

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