More Updating!!

yes, well l have done more updating


and here is a new poll

Take my poll!<a href=”Take my poll!“>

ok tomorrow l am going to make a heap of step by step guides to help out for blog

ok cya

-lpg 123


2 Responses to “More Updating!!”

  1. cool lpg!!!


  2. next time cos i am a bit famous,well next month put me in the poll plz thanks.

    O ya and it brings me back the day when i was at the iceberg and had around 10 penguins following me.One even said ”Zamros,you rock our brains” lol,Oh the good old days

    PS.Lpg,you have been getting dozens of visits from USA keep it up! for fun,quizzes,football(soccer),videos,news,funny things,cool cars and much much more!

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