New Cards + New Play + Save the Migrator

well. instead of having pics of the catalogue l thought u can the whole catalogue.

costume catalogue (l reckon thats really cool 🙂 )

ok here is the new cards 🙂

lol-2.jpg lol-3.jpg lol-4.jpg

– so there is 3 new cards.


ok there is a free item at the iceberg.


-the mining helmet is a free item, it has been released 3 times as a free item.
1st when the mine was opened
2nd when the mine flodded
3rd to help out rockhopper

-but im not really sure on the dates when it was released the 1st and 2nd time.


here is me and good friend jaja having a little fun



also l made a new page, you can ask a question and ill get back to you as soon as possible ask lpg 123 (just click the link)

ok thats all for today

-comments welcome-

-lpg 123


4 Responses to “New Cards + New Play + Save the Migrator”

  1. lpg can u add me to your blogroll i have u on mine
    oh great site

  2. Nice post keep it up =)

  3. cool lpg

  4. lol lpg.

    have u seen the animation i made of it on my site when you left yet


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