well, l have some good news and some bad news.

well, ill start with the bad news. my dog got ran over 😦

here is a pic of him. his name was Borris.

^sorry its not the best pic of him^

-he was run over because he was out on the road, and he never chased cars.


and, well on a good note l have had some ideas.

1) well l thought was having a featured site of the week, so here is the first site.

pennybelles site

-why because kustom456 interviewed me 🙂 so please visit.

2) im ganna have have a song of the week.

and here is the first song.

long road to ruin- by foo fighters LIVE

==comment here to request you fav song==

ok cya

-lpg 123


4 Responses to “News!!!”

  1. thats sad to here lpg.Its a cute dog.

  2. kustom546 Says:

    aww lpg 😦 r you gonna try find borris? umm and my name is 546 lol not 456 but ohwell.

    cya soon

  3. kustom546 Says:

    o and btw
    the video is going great!
    just a problem…. i got to add music (stupid limwire

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