Supper bowl time!!!

hey people its supperbowl time and i relly dont hav a preferance of which tem wins also I am making a band its called The Rascal Penguin i am the only one at the moment i am going to try to releace albums to and i emailed cp about iceburg tipping and heres what they said

 have heard many stories of the Ice Burg tipping, but I have never seen it myself. I would like to believe that it is possible, as I think that all of the penguins would like to go for a swim in the icy cold water. Try having a tipping party with all of your buddies and you may see it happen someday.                    

ok guies cya later



4 Responses to “Supper bowl time!!!”

  1. I am watching right now!

  2. the giants won unbielivable

  3. bravehawk814 Says:

    i know i cant beleve they won! i was cherring for them lol


  4. purple238716 Says:

    i cant belive they won the super bowl they won oh yeah yessssssssss i love the gaints!!!!!

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