Back on Computer + New Buddy

im real happy because l got sometime on the compute. and l got some really cool to tell you.

l had a beta as my buddy and the penguins name is helen 2k5 and yes it is a beta penguin.
well l only got added and l am so happy 🙂

here is a few pics for proof.






ok well thats all l got 2day, and helen 2k5 is an awesome person

ok cya

-lpg 123


4 Responses to “Back on Computer + New Buddy”

  1. alienboy23 Says:

    Nice, having a beta tester as a buddy. I met one and asked to be her buddy, but,well… she left. Anyways, visit my site at

  2. ahh,Helen 2k5 thats the legendary Mohd222,ps.My buddy o ya and i dont really advertise my site is a real cool game anyway.

  3. Ill check that site out!

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