CLub Penguin Febuary Catalogue Secrets

well, here is all of the new stuff.

here is everything you need for the Febuary Clothing Catalogue 😉

-the admoral jacket looks preatty cool, l hope the rpf changes is uniform so we can have it. 🙂


Here is the 52nd pin



And Here is the Start for Rally for Rockhopper



also, have any had problem with buddy list because look at this.



OH yer, and can you please comment on this post 🙂


and im ganna start on my new vid “My Awesome buddy list, Feb 08”, its ganna have special effects.


-lpg age, nearly 500 days.


also l was talking to vital viper today, but he didnt add me 😦

ok cya

-lpg 123


7 Responses to “CLub Penguin Febuary Catalogue Secrets”

  1. pennybelle Says:

    hey lpg
    nice post keep it up!
    comment on my site
    Waddle On!

  2. thankss for commenting

  3. pennybelle Says:

    your welcome 😉

  4. i know a cheat but u need to have clubpenguin download cp trainer then it will log u in to clubpenguin.u could become a member for free, u can get unlimited coins and look at peoples could also change sizes:normal,big and huge. u cand walk off walls, im not lying this works.

  5. wheres the cheats? i thought this was a CHEAT websight?

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