IM BACK + Rockhoppers back + mission 6

ok, well l am back and l have some news.

wel, lf you dont know Rockhopper back but not on his great ship he is on a little boat that he escpaed his ship with.

and has brought a bad item, 😦 and no members items.


-whats the piont of being a members these days.

also you may of know mission 6 is out.

and here is a vid on how to do it.

– do not take any credit for the vid as l did not make it.

-it was made by supposed

ok cya

-lpg 123

-can by editors please make more posts, thanks


2 Responses to “IM BACK + Rockhoppers back + mission 6”

  1. mojo 214 Says:

    hi Lpg 123

  2. mojo 214 Says:

    hi ppl

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