well, l have had some ideas and l would like to tell you them.

ok well l have thought about some ideas of how to get other blogs popular like adding a tempory links page where everyone that comments on a certain page will there blog will have there advertised.

also, l have made an advertisment page were you can advertise your site, just llok at the sub-page under random.also l will be totally updataing the random page.

also l am going to make some new vids that are going to be alot better because l am going to use special effects and some of them you would have seen before. also l worked out how to completely cut out a penguin.they look preatty cool to. 🙂

finally my good friend commando made an awesome vid and l was in it.

ok thats about it for today.and l will be away 2moz so l wont be able to make a post

and switch to lpg today

-lpg 123

also if you dont know my email address it


2 Responses to “Ideas”

  1. cpjauquelapue Says:

    cool can u put me on ur blogroll ur on mine

    -Jauque Lapue

  2. darkcrow2 Says:

    i am the 1 who told u how to cut a penguin

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