Winter Fiesta + Pin + Furniture catalogue

well, the new fiesta is here.

what a little glitch just happened. lpg got banned for finding the pin, now he is unbanned. šŸ™‚

if you found the pin when it first came out, you could pick it up, but if you wore it your penguin would be banned forever because of “hacking” when all you would do is find the pin.


BUt dont worry now because cp has fixed this glitch, it all good ;).


new furniture catalogue.

its out with some new items

click on the cash registar, page 4, you get the mousehead


-click on the piano to get the pipe organ, page 5


-click on the home stereo to get the concert lights, page 8



new mission soon, new notice on notice board



maraccas are located at the night club



also, l have 17,000 hits THANKYOU EVERYONE

ok and thats it

-lpg 123


2 Responses to “Winter Fiesta + Pin + Furniture catalogue”

  1. darkcrow2 Says:

    hey thats me dark crow200 your buddy awesome site i like it

  2. Heyy i dont think u no me bt i luv yr syt its really helpful nd its showed me loads!!!

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