4 Responses to “hI EVERYBODY”

  1. Thanks lpg the only thing is if your on holidays then who will moderate are posts??O ya and how did u find out that Disney might have got rid of cp(rumour)
    Answer soon
    Your friend

  2. well, l was on RPF chat and someone said that, but l do not think it is true
    ok cya

    -lpg 123

  3. i dont think so either man,if it hapend and we were still in da RA then we would be crazy and start complaining right? lol

    Lpg123: no, l would not be complaining, l would of what to get into the battles, helping allies, cause they saw its a world War.
    PS-but l really like big snowball fights but.

  4. Wel at least it didnt happen

    LPG123: yer lol

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