Item has Been Taken Away!!!

yes, this is true club penguin had four free items but has taken one away, the christmas scarf
yes this was given out about 2 years ago, then released it again when the classic christmas party started, then later took it away. L can confirm this because new penguins have it. also my good friend commando has this and his penguin is just over a year old.

and l was told it was at the ski village.

but l have also been told that it will back next week, probably on Christmas day, or christmas eve.


here is billybob’s new post, also it has the a clue of the scarf.

Christmas Party!!!

Hello Penguins!

I hope you’re all enjoying this years Christmas party! We had a lot of fun using your ideas to make this one of the best! My favorite part is the trains in the Forest, but as always, we would love to hear about your favorite part!

Some of you have been asking why we didn’t do the Christmas tree decoration like last year. We decided to replace that with the “Coins for Change” project this year, which is going great thanks to you! Lets try to make this the best time of year in Club Penguin by being as friendly and helpful as possible. You all are what makes Club Penguin so much fun!

Also, be sure to check back into the party next week, because we might have one more “Christmas item” for everyone!

Until then… Waddle On and Merry Christmas!

– Club Penguin Team

-all copied from the club penguin new post.


ok thats all

Merry Christmas

-lpg 123


2 Responses to “Item has Been Taken Away!!!”

  1. well , actually the story behind that is that they took it down because it wasn’t supposed to be added when the party started. it’ll be back Mon.

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